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Argonics, Inc. - Polyurethane Products


  1. Accuflo™ Belt Cleaner Systems
  2. Raptor™ Retrofit Cleaner Blades
  3. Accuflo™ Repair Blades
  4. Snap-Loc™ Conveyor Skirting
  5. Polyurethane Belt Scrapers & Skirting
  6. Kryptane® Urethane Sheet Products
  7. Kryptane® Concrete Drum Liners
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Argonics, Inc.

Accuflo™ Belt Cleaner Systems

The Accuflo Eraser™ and the Accuflo Super Eraser™ Conveyor Belt Cleaning Systems utilizes an exclusive Heavy Duty Raptor™ Profile Blade made from long lasting Kryptane® urethane. The Systems are built with Heavy Duty steel tubing construction with telescoping Stainless Steel pipe ends. Mounts are 1/2" thick steel and are urethane lined for noise dampening and anti-seize. These systems are complete with a Perma-torque™ tensioner. The tensioner is a elastomeric unit which is adjustable from 20 to 85 foot pounds. The tensioner is internally located within the mainframe and provides its torque to the blade at a centralized location, which provides consistent even cleaning.
Do to the internal design, the tensioner system does not protrude out either end of the mounting brackets more than 4 inches. The Eraser™ systems 46" and above are provided with two Perma-Torque™ tensioners, and the Super Eraser ™ systems 34" and above are also provided with two Perma-Torque™ tensioners. Eraser™ systems come in sizes from 16" through 96" and Super Eraser™ systems come in sizes from 22" through 120".
Kryptane® 83 Durometer blade standard on units.
*Many formulations available to fit your specific application*

**These Cleaners are Built to Last**

Eraser & Super Eraser Belt Cleaners Perma-Torque (tm) Tensioner & Mount
Above: Accuflo Super Eraser™
Below: Accuflo Eraser™
Internal Perma-Torque™ Tensioner
Accuflo™ Systems to Choose from:

  • Micro Eraser ™ Pre-Cleaner
  • Eraser ™ Pre-Cleaner
  • Super Eraser ™ Pre-Cleaner
  • Eraser HD ™ Pre-Cleaner
  • Cyoti ™ Secondary
  • Super-G ™ Secondary
  • V-Max V-Plow™

Please call for details!

Super-G ™ Secondary Cleaner

Call for pricing, sizing, and availability on all Accuflo™ systems!
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Raptor™ Retrofit Cleaner Blades

"Upgrade your present cleaner system with the Performance-Minded Blade"

Made from long lasting
Kryptane® Polyurethane

Made in the U.S.A.

Raptor™ Retrofit Cleaner Blades

Blades Available to Fit:

Argonics, Inc.---
  • Micro Eraser™
  • Eraser™
  • Super Eraser™
Martin Engineering ---
  • QC#1™ Low Profile
  • QC#1™ Standard Profile
  • QC#1™ Heavy Duty Profile
  • Durt Hawg™ Primary
  • Durt Hawg ™ Secondary
  • Saf-2™ Secondary
  • QC#2 Secondary
  • Durt Tracker Reversing
Asgco Manufacturing, Inc. ---
  • Skalper I®
  • Skalper II®
  • Skalper IV®
Arch Environmental Equipment ---
  • Gordon Saber® Mini
  • Gordon Saber® Primary
  • Gordon Saber® Channel Mount

Raptor Blades
Kryptane® 83 Durometer blades standard

** Many formulations available
to fit your specific application **

We believe these Raptor™ Blades are the best Urethane Blade on the Market today.

Come find out why our Kryptane® urethane out performs the competition - Hands- Down!!!

Call for our complete line of replacement blades for most systems on the market today.
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Accuflo™ Repair Blades

Accuflo™ Repair Blades to Retrofit

Martin Engineerings
XHD Pre-cleaner and Tracker® Pre-cleaner
Conveyor Belt Cleaner Systems

Clean your conveyor belt - not your pocketbook!!!

Argonics advantages:

  • Performance Kryptane® polyurethane extends Blade life while providing thorough cleaning without belt damage
  • Exclusive Raptor™ Profile shaves the belt clean and absorbs splice impact
  • Improved operational performance
  • MSHA accepted for use in underground mines
  • New Blades - no rebuilds
  • No Exchange required
  • Many formulations available to fit your specific application
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Accuflo(tm) Repair Blade
Heavy Duty Profile Blade

Complete Cleaner Systems NOW available with Accuflo™ Repair Blades !!!
The Eraser™ H.D. Conveyor Belt Cleaner System

Please call for pricing on Complete Cleaner Systems or retrofit Repair Blades !
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Snap-Loc™ Conveyor Skirting

Conveyor Belt Dust Seal System ---
7 Steps to ultimate Dust Control
  • High Performance Polyurethane
  • Reduce Power Consumption
  • Controls Release of Fugitive Material
  • Self Adjusting Design
  • Stop Debris Entrapment
  • Installation Maintenance Friendly
  • Cost Effective
Snap-Loc (tm) Skirting
Snap-Loc™ is provided per foor, up to 60 feet continuous lengths.
All rails are galvanized for corrosion resistance.
Wide or Narrow, Single or Double Rail available.

Please Call for Pricing

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Polyurethane Belt Scrapers & Skirting

Argonics has engineered a complete line of belt scrapers and skirting to service your every need.
We can provide the solution for clean belts in environments from wet clay to frozen coal

  • Belt wiper KS01 is the standard of our line. This is the most resilient belt wiper that money can buy. Kryptane® KS01 wipers will outwear rubber and UHWM polyethylene while protecting your belts.
  • Belt wiper KS02 is our double durometer scraper. The harder durometer (92A) scrapes the conveyor belt clean in rugged applications while the softer durometer (75A) produces a squeegee effect, removing water and giving the scraper more flexibility.
  • KS03, also known as the SUPERSCRAPER, is our most versatile scraper. We provide a dual polyurethane construction for use in environments where a harder polyurethane surface is needed. We mold a flexible polyurethane between two harder layers of rugged black Kryptane®. This sandwich construction allows us to give you a tough scraping surface yet we maintain the flexibility of the softer KS01. You have perfect scraper alignment and a wear surface for environments where the KS01 might be too soft. This scraper can be turned around, giving you the longest wear life of any belt wipers.
  • KS04, the WINTERSCRAPER, is absolutely the toughest scraper available to you anywhere. We have embedded ceramic wear beads into a matrix of Kryptane® polyurethane. This design will break any buildup in frozen environments where other plastics and rubber just won't do.

Belt Scrapers & Skirting
Sizes vary from 4" to 12" wide x 1/2" thick to 2" thick x belt width size
Beveled edges can be added if necessary.

  • Our Kryptane™ Skirting is 60% less coefficient of friction than rubber
  • Field testing results are 8-10 times longer wear than quality rubber skirting
  • Longer life skirting translates into lower maintenance and labor savings

Please call now for pricing, sizing, and availability.
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Kryptane® Polyurethane Sheet Products

We formulate unique proprietary Kryptane® urethane materials specifically tailored to meet the demands of your particular wear application, whether it be sliding or impact abrasion, sticking or corrosion. Our lightweight Kryptane® material eases installation and reduces noise. Kryptane's® corrosion resistance and hydrolytic stability is an added benefit when performing in wet conditions and chemical solutions. Sheet materials are available in standard 4' x 10' size from 1/8" to 1" thick. Larger sizes and custom geometric shapes are available upon request. Maximum sheet sizes of 5-1/2' x 60' long can be obtained. Sheets are available in plain, fabric backed, expanded metal backed and weldable configurations. Options for installation include adhesive, nail shot, welding and a variety of common fasteners. Argonics also has available Kryptane® urethane capped bolts used in conjuction with our universal counterbore tool. Further installation information is available upon request.

Urethane Sheeting

Kryptane® Polyurethanes

  • Kryptane 80A Red - Used for fine particle, shallow angle, sliding abrasion. Excellent for grain handling, sand blast curtains, hydrocyclone parts, and pump replacement parts.
  • Kryptane 90A Red - Used for fine particle abrasion associated with sticking and hangup problems. This material has the lowest coefficient of friction of any of the typical Kryptane products. Typical applications are classifier shoes and pipe elbows.
  • Kryptane 83A Green- Used for coarser particle, higher angle of impingement wear problems with 2" minus materials. This formulation has excellent cut and tear resistance. Common uses are belt scrapers, chute liners, and mixer liners.
  • Kryptane 93A Black - Used for the toughest applications handling up to 5" minus materials. This material has the highest tensile and tear strengths of the standard Kryptane products. Typical application include drag line bucket liners, impact bars, grizzles, and layered belt scrapers.

Typical Applications

  • Mill trommel, trunnion and chute liners
  • Distibutor and launder liners
  • Chute, bin and hopper liners
  • Impact and abrasion resistant plates
  • Screens, check plates and hold downs
  • Filtration sectors, ferrules and external tubes
  • Hydrocyclone and dusty cyclone liners
  • Slurry pump liners
  • Flotation cell and mixer liners
  • Salt, sand and chemical spreaders
  • Roll, pulley and sheave wheel lining
  • Down hold plugs and discharge sleeves
  • Pipe, fitting and valve liners
  • Vibration pads, seals and gaskets
  • Chain and cable guides
  • Blasting curtains and screens
  • Truckbed liners, wheelchocks, crossover pads
  • Snowplow blades, shoes and deflectors
The above list references our standard materials and applications.
We aggressively pursue development of performance-based polyurethane applications.
  • *NEW* Standardized 9"x 18" Bolt-In Wear Plates with solid metal back insert
  • Consistently effective wear over steel liners by as much as 5-1
  • Available in 1" or 2" Plates with 9" or 14" Bolt hole pattern
  • Dampens noise levels
  • Nonstick characteristics
  • Many formulations available
  • Volume produced for low cost
Please give us a call with your specific need.

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Kryptane® Concrete Drum Mixer Liners

Kryptane(r) concrete mixer liners

We make Drum Liners for Many Sizes and Manufactures of Concrete Drums
All custom made to fit your application!!!

Give us a call for prices and installation.

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